Thursday, December 15, 2011

Natalie's Cone 10 Reduction Glaze

Kona F-4 Feldspar         47.0
Dolomite                        19.0
Whiting                            4.0               +                Copper Carbonate         3.0
EPK                                 9.0                                 Tin Oxide                      2.0
English Grolleg              10.0
Flint                                11.0

This is a cool pearly pink and lavender glaze. I'm a purple fanatic so I was pleased to see this tile come out of the kiln.  I think it compliments the clay body nicely, too.  Breaks along the edges to reveal the clay color. This glaze was applied pretty thickly to the tile. If not applied thickly, it seems it would appear more gray and dull in color.  The color is a more deep magenta on the textured side of the tile.


  1. sorry about formatting issues with the case of confusion, it is as follows

    kona f-4 feldspar 47.0
    dolomite 19.0
    whiting 4.0
    epk 9.0
    english grolleg 10.0
    flint 11.0

    copper carb 3.0
    tin oxide 2.0

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