Friday, December 16, 2011

Dameon's Opal Blue

Opal Blue
cone 10
Neph sy    35.57
Dolomite   17.13
Zinc oxide  2.49
Whiting      3.12
Kaolin        5.92
Flint            35.77

Rutile         5.01

This glaze is a terrific blue with white crystal lines on white clay and a blue green on high iron clay bodies. It broke on textures, turning thin areas a rusty orange. Applied thick, it ran slightly but was pretty stable. The rutile caused a heavy amount of action on the surface, turning almost white, with faint purple lines where pooling was heaviest. Minimal flaws with this glaze, no pock marking or crazing. However, use caution when applying, Running could be a problem where glaze is applied too close to the foot. Fire to cone 10 in a reduction for best results


  1. Looks wonderful! Reminds me of Jun, a bit. I will try this at home!