Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Michelle’s Mottled Lavender Satin Δ10

Michelle’s Mottled Lavender Satin Δ10
            Kona F-4                     47%
            Dolomite                     19%
            Whiting                       4%
            EPK                              9%
            English Grolleg           10%
            Flint                             11%

Glaze was poured into the internal of the bowl where it made a thick pool at the bottom (gathering tiny speckles of teal, burgundy, and white) and on the external was applied with a paint brush in two thick coats, resulting in a striped pattern. Where the glaze was thicker, more white speckles accumulate and where thinly applied, a silky, semi-transparent light purple.  No pin holing or crawling, good stability unless applied too thickly, slips thin over breaks in surface and collects more thickly say below the bowl’s lip. On test tile, over firing occurred and resulted in murky grayish greens (like dull pond scum), the color being somewhat clouded.

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