Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Michelle's Strawberry Rust Δ6

Michelle's Strawberry Rust Δ6
            Whiting                       9.5%
            Zinc ox                        5.5%
            Ferro Frit 3124            44.5%
            Custer Feld                 20%
            Bentonite                    7.5%
            EPK                            5%
            Silica                           8%
Tin Ox                         9%
Red Iron ox                 3%
Ambrosia mason stain 5%
Semi-gloss glaze with dark speckles from red iron oxide and ambrosia orange blushes. Applied on tile by half dipping (on bottom) and half brushing (on top). Fired in oxidation. Good stability. 
(glaze without Red Iron Oxide)

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