Friday, May 13, 2011

Clintons Cone 6 OX: rutile/copper carbonate wash

Wrights H2O blue base glaze:

Lithium Carbonate: 3
Strontium carbonate: 9
Frit 3110: 59
EPK: 12
Flint: 17
= 100 %
Rutile +3%
Copper carbonate +1%
Increase clay; EPK/Flint by 3% increments, up to 12%, as needed if its a bit runny. Looks good over a fine white porcelain body. Transparent blue/green that shows underglaze very well. slight crazing and gets a oily white sheen in the thicker areas. Enjoy!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

garrett's light oribe cone 10 reduction.

f-4 feldspar 28.5g
flint 35.1g
whiting 17.8g
strontium 8.4g
talc 4.0g
EPK 3.3g
bone ash 1.9g
bentonite 2.0g
black copper oxide 4.5g

very light oribe with blue to teal greens breaks purple in the thin spots, likes to run just a bit so i would give it some room.

garrett's midnight blue cone 6 oxydation.

Neph Syn 47g
gertsly borite 27g
flint 20g
EPK 6g
R.i.o 2g
cobalt carb 1g
rutile 4g
bentonite 1g

magnesium Zirconium Silicate 3g

this is a modification of the original floating blue, it is some what of a happy mistake as the effect i was going for didn't quite work out but resulted in the glaze darkening to a deep purple brown in the thin spots but retaining its opalescent blue and creamy tans