Friday, December 16, 2011

Dameon's Brilliant Blue

Cone 6
Soda  ash            8.9
Ferro frit 3134    8.0
Neph  Sy            37.5
lithium carb         2.4
Strontium car.     17.7
EPK                   20.8
Flint                    4.7

Copper Carb       3%
Cobalt   Carb      .2%

This cone six oxidation glaze is a semi-opaque blue with hints of green throughout its body. Pin-sized blue crystals can be seen on its surface and it breaks clear over texture, leaving depressions a dark, near-green. Use caution when applying this glaze, it tends to run when applied too thick. A thin coat still leaves great results in color. Clay body doesn't seen to have much affect on coloration. Aside from a little running, there are no visible flaws. The glaze has a nice fit without any crazing, however textures can be left sharp if they have an edge already. Fire to cone 6  and enjoy.

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