Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jim’s Mottled Maroon and Rust Brown Cone 6 Oxidation

Jim’s Mottled Maroon and Rust Brown Cone 6 Oxidation

Ball Clay                               6
Dolomite                             18
Gerstley Borate                   22
Spodumene                         36
Tin Oxide                              8
Zircopax                              10

Add 4 % Iron Oxide

Fired to cone 6 in oxidation, this recipe produces a glossy, semi-opaque glaze. The glaze gives a rich rust brown over white slip and a maroon brown over the plain stoneware. A depth of mottling is exhibited due to the strong action of the primary flux, spodumene. There is good, consistent coverage and no pin holes. The underlying texture on the clay body remains evident with subtle highlights breaking over line patterns and dark valleys on the horizontal line textures. The Unity Molecular Formula (UMF) for this glaze yields a Alumina to Silicon Dioxide ratio of 1:4.

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