Saturday, April 16, 2011

Robyn's Cone 6 Ox: Wright's Base Glaze Test: 1% Copper Carbonate, Spring 2011

Lithium Carbonate 3
Strontium Carbonate 9
Ferro Frit 3110 59
EPK Kaolin 12
Silica 17
Copper Carbonate 1

Transparent aqua blue, glossy, crazing, unstable.

Like the 1/2% Chrome Oxide base glaze colorant test, this glaze is lively and bright. However, stability is somewhat of an issue; it was unstable on the test tile, as evident by the drips and crazing, but when tested again, there were no drips off the cylinder and it appeared to be more stable. Nice surface depth is achieved when layered over top Matte Base 5 from Cushing's Handbook. It also looks nice over black slip, creating a deep navy blue.

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