Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bob's Majolica Cone 6 OX

FRIT 3124 26.0
Nepheline Syenite 23.0
Silica 20.2
EPK 17.0
Whiting 14.0

+ Zercopax 16.0

This glaze is a white opaque glossy glaze. It is very stable and works well for oxide painting on top of the glaze. The base glaze is Ron Roy's Majolica. His glaze tended to crawl and so I added 12% more Frit 3124 and subtracted 12% silica. It is important to apply thickly, and have a very clean surface to avoid crawling.

The glaze was mixed in 100g batches for the test tile. A 300g batch was made for the cup. Both tests were dipped. Bother were fired to cone 6 oxidation in an electric kiln.

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