Tuesday, March 2, 2010

test 13

Tomato Red #2
Cone 6 Oxidation

Kona F-4 48.6
Flint 15.8
Magnessium Carb 7
Bone Ash 11.6
Lithium Carb 10
Red Iron Ox 7.15
Bentonite 2.15

This is an alteration on the traditional tomato red recipe. It is unstable, but spots nicely to rusty red through dark brown. It is high gloss and has nice potential, but needs work on dripping.

This glaze is one of 18 tests. Students of the fall 2009 semester tested in 100 g. batches, recalculated to assure glaze stability, then further tested 500 g. batches, and finally compiled a list of 18 glazes to go through a uniformed batch test. All batches of this 18 recipe set were mixed through a process of precise measurements, 60 and 80 mesh screening, were dipped on cone 04 bisque for 3 seconds, and were finally fired to a witnessed cone 6 oxidation in an electric kiln. (Firing schedules are to follow shortly).

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